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12 de marzo de 2006

Recortes de prensa: relaciones euro-indias

The EU is already India's biggest trading partner, with two-way trade in 2004 amounting to €33 billion (though EU-China trade in that year came to €175 billion). The EU is also India's biggest provider of development assistance and foreign direct investment. But most Indians see the EU simply as a trade bloc. While many Chinese take the EU's political ambitions seriously, and view the EU as an emerging pole in a multi-polar world, most Indians do not.

Indians note that the EU has no policy on the issues they care most about. These include India's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, and its attempt to lift the sanctions imposed by the Nuclear Suppliers Group after India tested its atomic bomb in 1998. Indians know little of the 11 operations now managed by the EU's security and defence policy (one of which involves EU observers monitoring the peace in Aceh).

In cases where the EU does have a common foreign policy, India may not like it. In the past, EU criticisms of human rights abuses by Indian forces in Kashmir riled many Indians. More recently, there have been differences over Burma: the EU applies tough economic sanctions, while India engages with the military government.
El artículo completo, interesante, sensato y documentado, en el CER.

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