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11 de febrero de 2006

Pioneros en Kuwait

Por primera vez en una monarquía árabe un cuerpo de representantes electos ha depuesto a un monarca. Para colocar a otro de la misma familia en su lugar. Lo cuentan en el Middle East Report. Algo es algo, aunque en ningún caso suficiente:
For years, members of the opposition in Kuwait have derided the ruling family’s occasional endorsements of democracy. Opposition activist ‘Isa al-Sarraf put it this way: “For the Al Sabah, democracy is not a strategy. It is a tactic.” In other words, the trappings of democracy are acceptable, as long as they do not interfere with the family’s perceived right to rule Kuwait as it chooses. To be sure, one way to read the story of the Kuwaiti succession is that the ruling family merely failed to head off crisis by resolving internal differences before they went public. But there is another way to tell the story, giving a prominent role to a parliament that, armed with a constitution, a law of succession and a canny speaker, used the tug of war inside the ruling family to force a mutually agreeable resolution. The Kuwaiti succession is, in fact, a tale of two transitions: one between emirs and another from a dynastic monarchy to a strengthened constitutional monarchy.

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piradaperdida dijo...

si es que los tiempos adelantan que es una barbaridad... no sé yo si los kuvaitíes podrán digerir un cambio político tan revolucionario...

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