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7 de diciembre de 2005

Por visionarios que no quede

History is traced not is straight lines but in jagged and discontinuous strokes. But what if the future follows a more predictable path? By 2026, China's economy will be bigger than America's, and India's will be much larger than that of any individual European country (Russia, Brazil and Indonesia will not be far behind). The press will be full of articles about "Asian values" and the "Beijing consensus". As these countries develop, so will their voracious appetite for natural resources and human capital. There will be a fierce global scramble for oil, water and skilled labour.
¿Muy descabellado?

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Dotakon dijo...

Esto es confundir deseos con realidad. Últimamente está de moda decir estas cosas. Como hace 20 años estaba de moda hablar de la economía japonesa.

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