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8 de diciembre de 2005

10 lecciones de guerra y paz

Acaban de cumplirse 10 años de los acuerdos de Dayton, que pusieron fin al conflicto de los Balcanes. The Globalist extrae 10 lecciones de guerra y paz de ellos:

  • We need to focus much, much more on prevention.

  • We need to be able to apply military force, if necessary, to prevent or to end armed conflict.

  • We need to insist on regional approaches in conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

  • We need time. Time is one of the most important tools of diplomacy. It is good to have lots of it to build the peace once armed intervention has ended.

  • We need strong leadership.

  • We need elections.

  • We need to ensure that our international and national civilian response capabilities are as effective as our military response capabilities.

  • We —Europeans and Americans— should go "in and out together".

  • We need to be modest in our political ambitions.

  • We need joint transatlantic endeavors like the Dayton process, because it is through the shared experience of failure, of crisis and of risk, as well as of eventual success, that true transatlantic trust can be built and further strengthened.
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