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11 de noviembre de 2005

Resultado de las elecciones en Egipto

Voy a pegar titulares de agencia según vayan apareciendo. Vamos allá:

— Euro MPs give mixed report of Egyptian election
A foreign delegation which observed Egyptian elections uninvited on Wednesday said it saw some improvements in the voting but Egypt could do better.
"There were two significant positives -- the transparent ballot boxes and the presence of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) at the polling stations and at the count. These are major changes," he said.
On the negative side, McMillan-Scott cited the fact that the state media devoted most of its election coverage to the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) and that state organisations took voters to polling stations in buses.

— Egyptian opposition leader loses parliament seat
Egyptian opposition leader Ayman Nour lost his parliamentary seat to the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in elections, the election commission announced on Thursday.
After 10 years as member of parliament for the central Cairo district of Bab el-Shaariya, Nour lost to the NDP's Yahya Wahdan, a former state security officer, in the first stage of parliamentary elections on Wednesday.

— Women lose out as Egypt elections become more open
Opposition groups may be enjoying more freedom to campaign during Egypt's lengthy parliamentary elections but, paradoxically, women are losing out.
Many parties have been reluctant to field women as candidates after the election stakes rose in May when Egypt approved a constitutional amendment introducing presidential elections with more than one candidate, instead of a referendum on a single candidate chosen by parliament.
The new rules mean parties need at least five percent of the 444 elected seats in the lower house to gain the right to field a presidential candidate. Many are therefore placing their bets on men, who they hope stand a better chance of winning.

— Egyptian opposition leader says will fight again
Egyptian opposition leader Ayman Nour said on Thursday he would prepare for another campaign for the presidency in six years after losing his seat in parliament to the ruling National Democratic Party.

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Dotakon dijo...

¿Cuál es la conclusión?

Jeremias dijo...

Pues no sé. A ver si me meto en la página oficial de las elecciones. Habrá muchas segundas vueltas, eso sí, creo que el día 15.

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