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13 de junio de 2005

Si escuchas a Bush y a Cheney, hay cosas que no pasan

You wouldn't expect Muslim detainees at Guantanamo Prison to have been put in "stress positions," or physically poked and shoved, or subjected to "The Invasion of Space by the Female," or to have had their heartbeat driven down to 35 beats a minute by the constant harassment, or to have them ask for crayons to write a will because they had decided to commit suicide. Some of the log of an interrogator has been published by Time magazine.

You would not expect that Iraq, instead of being a beacon of democracy to neighbors like Iran, seems instead to have been a beacon of car bombings. Nine persons were killed in bombings around Iran on Sunday. Some of the bombings occurred in the oil-rich Khuzistan region, which is half Arab. The crazed Ledeenites and others who desperately want war against Iran or turbulence inside Iran are not actually going to like it if Ahvaz becomes so unstable that petroleum can't be pumped (as has already happened in Iraq.) Take more petroleum off the world market, and the price will jump from an already high $52 a barrel.
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