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6 de junio de 2005

Estrategia de USA para el sur de Asia

American policy makers believe that they finally have new grand strategy toward South Asia. The strategy is outlined by Ashley Tellis in a new Policy brief published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The U.S. objective is to enable India to become a great power while at the same time assisting Pakistan in attaining security and stability. "By expanding relations with both states in a differentiated way matched to their geostrategic weights," Tellis argues, "the Bush administration seeks to assist Pakistan in becoming a successful state while it enables India to secure a trouble free ascent to great-power status." According to Tellis, these objectives would be achieved "through a large economic and military assistance package to Islamabad and through three separate dialogues with New Delhi that will review various challenging issues such as civil nuclear cooperation, space, defense co-production, regional and global security, and bilateral trade."
El objetivo está muy claro: ayudar al desarrollo de India, favorecer las relaciones con sus vecinos, para así crear un contrapeso en la región a China. Aislar al gigante, ponerle las cosas difíciles, es el objetivo. Y la nueva política que los Estados Unidos están esbozando para el sur de Asia responde a ese objetivo global, seguramente el segundo en importancia, justo por detrás de la búsqueda de la independencia energética.

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