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14 de mayo de 2005

Propuestas para la creación de un estado palestino

Hechas por la RAND Corporation:
GOVERNANCE: A precondition to good governance is that Palestinians view their leaders as legitimate and effective. This will depend on terms of the final peace settlement —including the size and contiguity of territory, status of Jerusalem, and freedom of refugees to resettle in the new state— along with actions of the Palestinian government.

INTERNAL SECURITY: The most pressing internal security concern will be to suppress militant organizations that would undermine stability of the new Palestinian state and threaten Israel.

THE ARC: The Palestinian population of about 3.6 million in the West Bank and Gaza is expected to grow to roughly 6.6 million by 2020 due to natural population growth and immigration. The Arc would link the major towns and cities of Palestine —including Nablus, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Hebron, and Gaza City— making it possible to travel from southern Gaza to the northern West Bank in less than 90 minutes.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Successful economic development in Palestine will require adequate security, good governance, contiguous territory, stable access to necessary supplies of power and water, and a transportation infrastructure that meets the needs of Palestinians.

WATER SUPPLY: A successful Palestinian state will need adequate supplies of clean water for domestic consumption, commercial and industrial development, and agriculture.

HEALTH: Palestine has a relatively healthy population, many highly qualified health care professionals, national plans for health system development, and a strong base of governmental and health care institutions.

EDUCATION: Schools should offer a quality education accessible to girls and boys. The education system should be open to reform, enroll more students in secondary schools, expand early childhood programs, make special education available, and stress development of student civic skills and social responsibility.
Lo más interesante, sin duda, es el denominado 'arco'. Es decir, algún tipo de infraestructura -carretera, ferrocarril...- que una Gaza y Cisjordania directamente. Por supuesto, es una idea, todos sabemos de que pie cojea la RAND.

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