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16 de mayo de 2005

Ahmed y Salman

Merece la pena leer este post:
Name: Ahmed
Country of Origin: Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is a 21 year old university student. He is very religious, prays five times a day, and sports a 3 year old beard. He always carries a small Quran in his bag to read from in the subway on his way to college. Sometimes he reads it out loud so that people around him will listen to Allah’s holy word. He doesn’t mind if Muslims who don’t want to hear and Christian passengers might not appreciate his squeaky voice, he is uttering Allah’s words after all.


Name: Salman
Country of origin: Gorgan, Iran

Meet Salman. Just like Ahmed, he is a very religious 21 year old university student. He hails from the beautiful city of Gorgan which is very near to the magnificent Caspian sea. Salman prays 5 times a day and reads his Quran on a daily basis. His mother is so happy that her young man is keen on keeping his prayers on schedule unlike many of Tehran’s youth who lost interest in religion and are just Muslim by name.

En todas partes hay sentido común.

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Carlos dijo...

Muy esperanzador que en los blogs se planteen estas cuestiones. Como dice uno de los comentaristas, la solución vendrá del diálogo entre todos ellos

Jeremias dijo...

Es la única solución.

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