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29 de octubre de 2004

Los Estados Unidos, en la encrucijada

¿Qué deberían hacer los Estados Unidos si muere Arafat? Desde luego se acabaría la excusa del dictador para no intervenir en la zona y dejar las manos libres a los israelíes. ¿Qué postura defiende Bush y cuál Kerry?
Crhistopher Dickey habla de todo ello en Newsweek:
But that’s too simple. Both Bush and Kerry advocate the creation of a Palestinian state that would be viable and 'contiguous'—that is, something more than a collection of little Bantustans like the pseudo-sovereign states set up by the old apartheid regime in South Africa.
Yet Sharon’s current plan to withdraw unilaterally from Gaza, which both candidates also support, is very much the beginning of a Bantustan design. There’s no direct consultation or coordination with Arafat or his security forces. The Palestinians will get what the Sharon government is willing to give them, no more, no less—and, in the end, not much.
It’s an ugly picture. And I’m among those who believe only the United States has the power to begin to change it at this late date. The Bush administration has simply dropped the ball. Searching for a fantasy solution in Baghdad, it turned its back on the realities in Jerusalem.
If 'the old man' goes, then it truly is time for the United States to fight again, with all its diplomatic and economic power, for a just and lasting peace that ends the key conflict in the Middle East. In fact, it’s long past time.

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